Ekka 2018

If I asked you to guess the largest event in Queensland, what would be your answer? If you answered anything but Ekka, unfortunately, that is the wrong answer.

Ekka is the largest event in Queensland. The annual agricultural show happens in the month of August in Brisbane and it attracts a massive crowd of 400,000 visitors approximately.

The Royal Queensland Show a.k.a Ekka is held to showcase Queensland culture, produce, resources and initiatives by award ceremonies, exhibits, educational demonstrations, performances so on and so forth.




It is held at the Brisbane Exhibition Ground and there are heaps of fun activities such as sideshow alley, animal parades, numerous typical fair snacks, food and beverage vendors that sell Fairy floss, Pluto pups, burgers, hot chips, corn dogs and whatnot. There are lots of entertainment performances such as music performances, car shows and nightly fireworks.


For more information about ticket prices and event list. Visit the Ekka Website or download their app!  Blog by Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management.