DIY All Purpose Citrus Cleaner

If you have followed us or read our blogs, you know that we love offering DIY organic recipes for cleaning, stain removal or just to make your home smell nice!

In the cleaning blogs, White Vinegar is a staple cause of its star power. It’s effective and safe for those of us who are sensitive to harsh chemicals. Vinegar has been proven to be effective against a variety of bacteria, viruses and mould, including E. coli and the flu virus.
There are innumerable reasons to love citrus oils, they enhance mood and emotional balance, act as an air freshener, reduce anxiety, sanitize, support the immune system, boost antioxidants!

What’s not to love?!


A collection of citrus peels
Vinegar- 1 litre
A glass jar for all of this to sit in
An empty spritzer bottle


Image Courtesy: Kitchn

1. Take a big jar, ensure it is clean and dry. You do not want a dirty jar to start off with.

2. Start storing the citrus peels in the jar as you eat or use them. Make sure that there is not a lot of flesh remains on the peels. You can always scrape them off.

3. Top it up with white vinegar and leave in a cool spot for at least two weeks (you can continue to add peels during this time).

4. When ready the vinegar has a yellowish tinge to it and a strong citrus odour.

5. Strain the liquid into your spritzer bottle. Citrus peels contain d-limonene, a naturally occurring solvent which breaks down and removes oil from dirty surfaces. Given time, the d-limonene fuses with the white vinegar to create a powerful cleaning agent!


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