Oriental Rugs

Unfortunately for us, Rugs don’t come cheap; so if you’re planning on storing your Rugs..

Here are the 5 best tips for Rug Storage!

1. Wrap your Rug in a Protective Fabric

Storing your Rug in a protective fabric will provide an additional layer of protection against insects and debris!

For extra precaution, it is also recommended to unroll your Rug every month to ensure there are no signs of infestations that may destroy the fibres and integrity of your Rug.

2. Store in a Cool Dry Place

Changes in temperature may cause permanently damage to your Rug’s fibres and overall shape. To minimize risk, it is recommended to store your Rug in a climate-controlled room, regulating the room’s moisture and temperature.

Blue Rug
Oriental Rugs

3. Store in an Elevated Place

If a pet urine spot is left untreated, the lingering odor of the urine can mark the spot as a restroom, further encouraging their behavior to urinate in the same spot. This can lead to increased exposure to bacteria and further damage to your precious rugs!

4. Store your Rug Upwards

To further maintain your Rug’s shape and structure during storage, storing your Rug in a vertical position away from other storage items will deter potential indentations and deformations from occurring.

Dog on White and Blue Rug in Sunlight
Dog on White and Blue Rug in Sunlight

5. Have your Rug Cleaned before Storing

Ensuring that there are no current infestations or insects feasting on your Rug prior to storage will significantly increase the life hood of your Rugs structure and overall condition.

Built-up debris and dust can lead to dry rot and mould, causing permanent damage to your Rugs fibres and structure.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to have your Rug stored for Autumn; or looking to get them fresh and ready for Winter, contact us through our mobile number or website for next day collection to rescue any rug in need!

To get a free quick quote call us on 1300 946 946.

Who Who Rug Washing offers our wide range of high quality services at affordable prices in all suburbs across Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast!

If you have any doubts about our Service, please refer to our Review page!

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