Cut and Full Lemons on the table

When Life gives you Lemons, Clean with them!

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We have heard the phrase “When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade”! The phrase has several variations now such as “When Life gives you lemons, put them in a bag and hit people with it”, “When life gives you lemons, crack open the tequila and the salt or throw it back and say I wanted a mango or make lemon cupcakes, the list goes on and on.

The not so common phrase! 

“When Life gives you Lemons, Clean with them”. Lemons make a great green cleaning agent as they comprise of Citric Acid that acts a mild acid that fights water spots and hard water film, D-Limonene which is a powerful degreaser and solvent and lastly, Lemon Oil, an uplifting natural fragrance and antibacterial disinfectant.

Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management present the top 5 ways lemons can be used:

1) DIY Furniture Polish:

We all want our homes, furniture and upholstery to sparkly and clean at all times. Lemon juice, olive oil, and white vinegar make a great cleaning staple that can be used to dust, polish wooden furniture, clean stainless steel, remove sticky labels. It is best to conduct a spot test with furniture as lemon juice is a bleaching agent.

2) Disinfectant Spray:

If you are thinking of switching to green and organic products, what better way to start than a disinfectant spray for your countertops and surfaces? All you need is Vodka and 4-6 lemons! Wash and Peel the lemon rinds and place them in a mason jar, pour vodka over it until covers the lemon rinds and let it for about 4-6 weeks.
Remove the rinds and empty the solution into a spray bottle. Your disinfectant spray is ready for use once the liquid has reached a bright yellow colour!

3) Microwave Cleaner:

This Microwave cleaning hack will leave your microwave looking spotless and smelling fresh! All you have to do is cut up a few slices of lemon, place them in a bowl of water and add a dash of vinegar. Place the bowl in your microwave and set the timer for 4-6 minutes and let the bowl sit for another 3 minutes once the timer goes off.
Use a damp cloth to wipe down the microwave and the food scraps with no effort whatsoever!

4) Tile Cleaner:

Are your tiles stained with food stains, watermarks and other dirt? All you need is lemon and salt. Cut a lemon into half and sprinkle salt on it generously. Rub the lemon half on the stained piece and let it sit for five minutes, finish it off by wiping it down with a damp cloth.

5) Plastic Container Stain Remover:

We use plastic containers on a daily basis to store food, to carry our food to work and school. Over time they develop a yellowish or brownish tinge and musky smell. To remove the stain and odour, all you have to do is cut the lemon wedge into half and rub it along the plastic container and let it rest. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and your plastic container is as good as new.

Who Who Brand Logo Yellow Owl with Red VestNot all surfaces and cleaning can be DIY unfortunately. This is why you have professional cleaners! We at Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management offer carpet cleaning, leather and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, mattress cleaning, flood water extraction, carpet dyeing and rug restoration services as well as pest management.

To get a free quote call us on 1300 946 946 or visit our website.  We offer our wide range of high quality services at affordable prices in all suburbs across:

Brisbane City, Brisbane Eastern Suburbs, Brisbane Western Suburbs, Brisbane Northern Suburbs, Brisbane Southern Suburbs and all Suburbs across the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Sunshine Coast!

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