Leather cleaning Redlands.

Leather cleaning Redlands.

Want immediate and lasting results? Who Who offers high quality and affordable leather couch and sofa cleaning services in Redlands. All our leather cleaning procedures are carried out entirely by hand.

We are your local leather upholstery cleaning company located on Redland Bay Road, Capalaba. Who Who has been servicing home and business owners like yourself freshen up their leather recliners and upholstery.

Whether it is restoring your old leather couch to its prime or freshening up your expensive white couch. Who Who Carpet Cleaning has done it all! Read our detailed leather cleaning process here.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management pride ourselves on high quality workmanship and exceptional service delivery. Our guarantee is if you are not thrilled with our service, we will rush back to your location and re-clean the areas FREE OF CHARGE!

Why regular leather cleaning is vital?

Our high-quality professional leather cleaning process

Professional Residential and Commercial Leather Cleaning requires skill and requires high level of training. Who Who’s technicians are certified and experience to restore and revitalise your leather upholstery.

After thorough assessment and taking note of the type of leather, age and problem areas. Our certified technicians remove all the loose dust, skin and debris.

  • We Pre-Treat any existing stains or problem areas using enzyme chemicals, where necessary.
  • We use our customised two in one shampoo and sanitizer solution that is PH balanced to suit your leather.
  • After thorough cleaning using the horse hair bristled brush.
  • We finish it off with a moisturiser that leaves your leather looking and feeling nice and supple.

For all your leather cleaning queries, be it leather upholstery cleaning, leather couch cleaning in The Redlands. Call us on 1300 946 946 today or message us using the form below for a free detailed quote!