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We all adore our beloved pets, but their love comes at a cost! Urine damage is no laughing matter when it comes to the health and safety of your loved ones. Don’t believe us? We have listed four key points below regarding the dangers of Pet Urine within your household. Take a read and thank us later!

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The development of Ammonia Odour

One of the most telling sides of urine is the distinct smell of ammonia. Excessive exposure to ammonia can cause light headedness and irritation, posing an even greater risk to people with asthma or who are sensitive to allergies.

Breeding Grounds for Mould

Reoccurring pet urine that is not correctly sanitized can lead to the development of mold growth within rugs. With pro-longed exposure, this can cause serious health concerns such as, difficulty breathing, excessive coughing or even bronchitis, causing serious damage to your skin, face and respiratory system.

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Urine odour can encourage further behavior from Pets

If a pet urine spot is left untreated, the lingering odor of the urine can mark the spot as a restroom, further encouraging their behavior to urinate in the same spot. This can lead to increased exposure to bacteria and further damage to your precious rugs!

Permanent damage to your Rugs

Pet Urine can cause detrimental effects to the health of your Rugs. Frequent urination can lead to the deterioration of your Rugs fibers as well as its structural integrity. Overtime, this can lead to your Rug slowly starting to separate from its backing and seams, requiring professional help to repair.

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The Bottom Line

If you have had the odd skin irritation or sudden sickness, it could very much be caused by accidents from your beloved pet!

Minimizing the exposure of Pet Urine within your household can greatly benefit your living environment, increasing the air quality by reducing the exposure of ammonia odours. It is highly recommended to treat Urine damage as soon as possible for the sake of your Rug and your own well-being.

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