How to remove pet odour from your Home and Carpets?

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We LOVE our pets, for many of us they are as special as any family member or even more to some. They make us smile, they are loyal and their cuteness has no limits. Furthermore, they are extremely soft, fluffy and cuddly. It is an undeniable fact that they leave their distinct odour on our carpets, mattresses, upholstery and floors.

If not cleaned and maintained regularly, it can get out of hand leading to several problems such as you do not want to have guests over, clothes smell of them, not to mention the allergies and the bacterial buildup. Here are a few tips to tackle and keep pet odour under control:

1) Keep your pets and their surroundings clean:

Golden retriever receiving a shower This comes unsaid if your pets are the source of the odour. Ensure that your pets are clean and bathed regularly using a deodorizing and bacterial shampoo. Like humans, pets carry germs and illnesses, not to mention bugs and mites if they are not washed regularly. Clean your floors, tiles and grout and baseboards regularly with an anti-bacterial solution and vacuum your furniture, carpets, upholstery, leather couches and other crevices and corners regularly.

2) Carpet Cleaning:

Grey and white poodle sleeping on white carpets Most pets spend a lot of their time lounging on the carpets. Carpets get dirty very quickly, depending on their material and fibres type they absorb smells and get stained pretty easily. It is recommended to vacuum your carpets weekly and remove any stains and accidents your pets have immediately or call a professional carpet cleaning service.
It is a must to get your carpets professionally cleaned every 8-12 months, more so since you have pets to remove odour, dust mites, bugs and allergens.

3) Upholstery Cleaning:

Grey Cat sitting on white blanket Carry out a weekly upholstery, pillows and leather vacuum clean to remove their smells and fur from any furniture. Regularly wash cases with an anti-bacterial solution. Use a mild detergent and water cleaning solution (1:1) to remove any messes immediately along with using a microfiber cloth dipped in water to wipe down your leather surface and call a professional upholstery cleaning service regularly.

4) Urine Treatment:

Golden Labrador peeing on a tree - Remove pet odour from home - Who Who Carpet Cleaning Our fur babies are potty trained, but they are bound to have accidents now and then. Blot the excess off as soon as possible and use a mild cleaning solution to dab the urine or faecal matter. Do not rub the stain as it will ruin your carpet or rug fibres or even worse embed the stain or faecal matter deeper.
Call a professional carpet cleaner in, as most pets have the tendency to return to the same spot and urinate again as DIY or store bought fixers are merely deodorizers and not on seep in and clean thoroughly.

5) Few other things:

Two sprayer brown bottles with cleaning brush and cloth - Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management Keep your windows open or open them regularly.
– Use air fresheners and pet safe perfumed candles/diffusers.
– Use essential oils to freshen up your space.
– Wash your pet’s bed, toys and accessories often.

Last but not the least, call a professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning service to remove pet odours and urine treatment as they pre-treat stains, deep clean and ensure your carpets and upholstery is dry when they leave your premises.


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