Did you know you can clean with Vodka?

Did You Know You Can Clean With Vodka?

If you thought Vodka was just for drinking, think again! We all know vinegar is widely used for cleaning purposes, Vodka performs the same tasks such as degreasing cookware, countertops, removing stains, refreshing fabrics, neutralising odours and disinfecting floors and counters. Here are top 9 hacks you should try out today:

1) Greasy Cookware

If cooking a yummy meal has left your pots and pans greasy you can make a cleaning solution by mixing a little vodka along with your dish soap and let it sit for a bit and rinse away.

2) Effective Window Cleaner

 Most window cleaning sprays available on the market rely on alcohol for effectiveness. You can take a spray bottle and fill it up with vodka, as it will do just as good of a job cleaning your windows.

3) Disinfect your mattress


Mattresses accumulate more dirt, sweat and grime than we could ever imagine. Although, it is highly recommended to get a professional mattress clean every year. Quarterly, you can pour a few ounces of vodka into a spray bottle and spray it across the surface. Let the mattress dry completely before making the bed.

4) Remove carpet stains


 Be it red wine, makeup or plain food stains, Vodka acts as an effective cleaner. It is best to treat a stain or spill as soon as it occurs, soak a rag with vodka and blot the stain, do not rub, blotting it will remove the excess, clean the area with plain water and let it dry. If the stain still remains, call professional carpet cleaners as soon as possible, as the longer, the stain remains in the carpet the harder it is to remove. Read this for more carpet cleaning tips. 

5) Bathroom Surfaces


Bathroom surfaces and tiles are one of the dirtiest surfaces at home. It is recommended you make it a monthly routine, Spraying vodka straight onto the floor surface to remove soap scum from shower walls, polish shower door frames, and remove water spots from faucets.

6) Best Jewellery Cleaner

Soak your Jewellery in a shallow vodka bath for 15-20 minutes then wipe with a clean cloth. Using a shallow vodka bath is not recommended for jewellery with gems or stones, it is best to use soda water for that.


7) Freshen up your upholstery


Over time upholstered dining chairs accumulate dirt, grime, sweat and stains. They develop a musky smell and dull their appearance. Using a vodka spray will fresh up your upholstery and as well as lighten existing stains. It is recommended to get professional upholstery cleaning to remove allergens and bacteria.

8) Deodorizer


Have you ever thought of vodka as a deodorizer? Well, to be honest, neither have we! To make a room diffuser mix water, vodka and your favourite essential oil, our recommendations are lavender and lemon essential oil. You have your very own DIY diffuser. You can watch the full tutorial here.

9) De-stink mildewy clothing

 Adding a quarter cup of vodka along with laundry liquid to your regular and it will remove the smell. It works wonders on super musty kitchen towels as well.


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