How to remove Ink stains from Leather?

Ink Stains on White Leather and pink leather purse. How to clean leather- Who Who Carpet CleaningIf you spilled some ink on your leather couch or your child decides to use the leather couch as their drawing board. Be it your luxurious leather couch or your favorite purse or handbag.  Ink is a dyeing agent, thus has the ability to re-color your couch and set in.  Ink stains on a leather couch are bad news. It’s nearly impossible to get ink out of leather.

You need to act quickly to remove the stains, the longer it stays the harder it becomes to remove! Ink stains on leather are fairly hard to remove and present some difficulties, but none that you shouldn’t be able to master with a little DIY or professional help.

The process for removing ink from leather is as follows:

1) Use a clean cloth, to remove the excess ink off. If it is fairly new, use a damp cloth to dab the stain and remove as much as you can.
Caution: Be careful not to spread the ink stains.

2) Take a clean white cloth or paper towel and dampen it with some rubbing alcohol.

3) Firstly, wipe an unnoticeable part of your leather couch with the rubbing alcohol moistened cloth to check for color transfer. If the dye from the leather transfers on to the cloth, do not proceed as you may end up causing more damage. It is best to call professional leather cleaners.

4) If the color does not transfer, dab the stains with the rubbing alcohol moistened cloth working from the outside in. Again, DAB, do not rub as this will spread the stain.

5) After dabbing a couple of times, you sho9uld notice that the ink from the couch is transferring onto to the cloth. Use fresh pieces of cloth, as you do not want the stains transferring back onto the couch.

6) You should see the transfer of the stain from the leather to the cloth. Regularly change the cloth you are using, otherwise, you may transfer the ink from the cloth back to the leather. Continue the process until there is no more stain transfer.

7) If the stain still persists, Call leather cleaning professionals in as soon as possible to remove the existing stains. Be sure to mention to them the products you have used to remove the stain.

8) Lastly, apply a leather conditioner or moisturiser generously as rubbing alcohol can be quite drying, which may lead to cracks.

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Top 5 leather cleaning hacks

Top 5 leather cleaning hacks

A piece of leather furniture can uplift the decor of your home like no other. There is no denying that it is the most used piece of furniture at home.

You must be thinking “Obviously! Where else would I sit during my Netflix binge.”

Leather is expensive and therefore it’s best to call it an investment.

Here are our top five tips to protect your investment and increase its longevity:

1) Wipe your leather down every week:

Use a clean dry microfiber cloth and wipe down your leather. Develop the habit of wiping down regularly, this will act as a preventative measure and stop dust accumulation. If the stains are more stubborn stains, dampen your cloth with a mild shampoo and water solution and gently clean your leather. Do not use abrasive materials or scrubbers, as it will damage your leather.


2)Spills treatment:

Leather cleaning is a delicate process and a crucial one. In case of spills, wipe the excess away immediately with a clean cloth or sponge. Avoid using harsh detergents or cleaning solutions, if water is used to wipe the entire spot with the damp cloth.


3) Stains treatment:

Use mild shampoo/detergent diluted with water, only if necessary. If you are unsure, it is best to call leather cleaning professionals in. Thus, saving your leather furniture in the long run.
Oil, grime and butter stains can be minimised by wiping it down with a damp cloth. Once cleaned, leave the spot alone it will dissipate shortly.


4) Vacuum Regularly:

You may be wondering how do I vacuum my leather furniture? Vacuum cleaners have a soft-bristled extension, that can be used to remove dust and grime from corners and crevices. If your leather furniture allows you to lift cushions, it is best to vacuum under them as well.


5) Call Leather cleaning professionals:

Leather cleaning specialists have vast knowledge about leather stains and spills and other damage. They carefully examine the leather and use a specialised potent cleaning solution and technique that will help clean, restore and condition your leather upholstery.
Manufacturers recommend getting your leather furniture cleaned twice a year to maintain your leather and your warranty.


Leather is a natural product and requires some care to maintain the natural beauty of the hide. Call the best leather cleaning professionals in Brisbane.
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