Turkish Rug Cleaning

Turkish Rug Cleaning

Turkish Rug Cleaning in Brisbane?
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Turkish rugs brighten up decor with their amazing decorative accents, colours and hues. They are considered a piece of art by many because of their beautiful traditional patterns and bright natural dyes.

Turkish rugs are usually made of silk, wool or a cotton-wool blend. They are double knotted – making the rugs more durable. Due to their sturdy nature, monetary and sentimental value, they are passed on to future generations and considered a family heirloom.

Types of Turkish Rugs

Hali Turkish Rugs or Carpets

Hali Turkish are rugs are with a pile and not flat weaved like the other types of Turkish rugs. They are generally thick and come with different patterns and motifs.

Kilim Rugs

Kilim Turkish rugs are made without knots hence they are lighter and thinner. They are made by interweaving different coloured warps and wefts, creating a flat weave.

Cicim Turkish Rugs

Cicim or Jijim Turkish rugs have extra wrapping and are usually embroidered, they are hand woven using the flat weave technique. Cicim rugs are generally made of wool, cotton and silk or blends are used sometimes.

Sumak Turkish Rugs

Sumak or Soumak Turkish Rugs are like kilims that have been embroidered to enhance their patterns. They are stronger and thicker compared to kilims. Soumak Turkish rugs are made by wrapping coloured weft threads under the warp threads, adding an embroidery like pattern and designs.

Konya Carpets, Anatolian Rugs, Bergama Carpets, Hereke Carpets, Lotto Carpets, Milas Carpets, Ushak Carpet, Kayseri Oriental Rugs are other types of Turkish Carpets or Rug we help clean and restore. All Turkish rugs are usually made of natural dyes, which need to be treated right. At our fully equipped state of the art rug washing facility, we aim to restore each and every rug to ensure they look fresh and striking.

Our cleaning process is customised for every rug based on the type, material, colour-fastness and requirements. We offer premium professional rug washing services for all types of Turkish rugs. For more information or to schedule your Turkish Rug for free pick up and delivery.

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