Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian Rug Cleaning

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Persian Rugs or Carpets also called as Iranian Carpets are created by craftsmen from Iran, formerly known as Persia. They are known for their high quality, beauty and durable nature.Persian rugs can easily be identified due to their thick pile of up to 160 to 200 knots per square inch for an average quality rug and 1,500 knots or more for higher quality rugs.

They are also known for their unique, exceptional designs, precision and rich colour combinations. High Quality Persian Rugs increase in value over time, when maintained well. Persian rugs are named after the tribes they were made by or the city, village they were made. They are generally classified into three categories: Tribal, Village and City. We help revitalise and deep clean all types of Persian Rugs in our Fully Equipped Brisbane Rug Washing Facility. From Antique Persian Rug Cleaning to Cleaning Wool Persian rugs of all types – We do it all!

Our trained professional Persian rug cleaners customise cleaning procedures to suit your type of rug and deliver outstanding results. Before cleaning Persian rugs, Persian carpets or Iranian carpets and runners. We conduct a colour-fastness check on the rug dyes to ensure there is no rug dye bleeding. The Persian Rug Cleaning Costs varies depending on the size of the rug, additional treatments such as moth damage, fringe cleaning, pet urine stain and odour removal on Persian rugs to name a few.

Types of Persian Rugs

Isfahan Persian Rugs
Nain Persian Rugs
Tabriz Persian Rugs
Qum Persian Cleaning
Abadeh Persian Rugs
Ardebil Persian Rugs
Bidjar Persian Rugs
Hamadan Persian Rugs
Heriz Persian Rugs
Kerman Persian Rugs
Kashan Persian Rugs
Mashad Persian Rugs
Mond Persian Rugs
Baluchi Persian Rugs
Bhaktiari Persian Rugs
Gabbeh Persian Rugs

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Looking for best Persian or Oriental rug cleaners near you in Brisbane? Who Who Carpet Cleaning offers high quality services at affordable price. You will receive Instant results and your rugs will look as good as new!

The Oriental Rug Cleaning Costs depends on the type of rug, size of the rug and additional requirements such as urine treatment, moth repellent treatment or fringe cleaning to name a few. Who Who offers FreeRug Pick up and Delivery Services to all suburbs across Brisbane, Redlands, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

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