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Effective, reliable and cheap end of lease carpet cleaning and pest control packages in all suburbs across Melbourne and Geelong ? Who Who is the right choice.

Moving homes or vacating a property, is a tedious and time consuming task. After the moving process comes the dreaded waiting period before you receive your bond back.

By hiring professional end of lease cleaning or vacate cleaning specialists in Melbourne, you can keep calm knowing that your carpets will be spick and span.

At Who Who, we offer professional and cheap exit carpet cleaning and pest control services in all suburbs across Melbourne and Geelong.

It is a requirement, most times, by the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority to restore the carpets to their original state and pest control services to be carried out before the tenant exits or vacates the property.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management pride ourselves on high quality workmanship and exceptional service delivery. Our GUARANTEE is if you are not thrilled with our service, we will rush back to your location and re-clean the areas FREE OF CHARGE!

Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management are dedicated to delivering extraordinary customer service. We strive to deliver top notch quality services and sensational results. We are so confident that the service we deliver will meet and exceed your expectations which is why we offer 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

Who Who's intensive and professional end of lease carpet cleaning procedure consists of three steps:

Our custom cheap and professional move out cleaning, exit cleaning , bond cleaning or end of lease or vacate cleaning packages in Melbourne and Geelong are customized for empty spaces with no furniture or minimal furniture on the carpets.

Our certified, trained technicians carry out a thorough, professional cleaning removing dust, dirt and grime from the base of the carpets to the tips and remove or lighten any existing stains depending on the age, type and product.

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Pre-Inspection: We conduct a thorough inspection of your carpets. Any marks, stains and spills will be pre-treated using our custom shampoo and sanitizer that eradicates germs, bacteria and pathogens from the base of the carpets.

State of the art Technology : Our advanced hot water extraction technology with the best truck mounted machine delivers the deepest and best possible clean, the carpet cleaning industry has to offer.

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Touch Dry : Due to the latest technology, we extract 95% of the water. Therefore your carpets will be touch dry, look, feel revitalized and smell fresh. 

Why is Who Who’s end of lease pest control service the best?

Rental agreements usually require internal pest treatment to be conducted and in some cases both internal and external pest control services.

Either internal pest control, external pest control or both, Who Who offers reliable and affordable exit pest control packages.

  • Our certified and trained technicians always start from the inside.
  • Through inner roof dusting and rodent checks.
  • Pay special attention to hinges, skirting boards and cornices.
  • Treat bathrooms , laundry rooms, dishwashers and insides of cupboards with gel, dust or spray (as suitable)
  • All pest control services are children safe and pet friendly.

For all your End of Lease cleaning and Vacate Cleaning queries, be it Carpet cleaning, Tile cleaning or Pest control in all suburbs across Melbourne and Geelong. Call us on 1300 399 667 right away or fill the form below to receive a callback with a detailed quote.

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We will provide a detailed tax invoice that meet either your real estate agency or landlord’s requirements, outlining the carpet cleaning services and pest control service and products used for pest control.


Call us on 1300 399 667 for reliable and cheap exit cleaning packages or bond carpet cleaning and pest control packages in all suburbs across Melbourne and Geelong. 



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