Carpet Cleaning

Our System Of Carpet Cleaning Is Designed To Meet All Criteria Of The Australian Standard For Carpet Cleaning AS/NZS 3733-95.

Our Full Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Method includes the following:

• All necessary furniture removed & replaced where possible
• Coasters placed under furniture where needed to prevent colour transference
• Shampoo & Sanitisers added to ensure a fresh atmosphere

•Pre-spray mix (containing specially formulated shampoos) applied prior to extraction – this allows the final rinse stage to use minimal hot water to ensure drying times are reduced

We also CONTINUALLY update and upgrade our equipment to ensure you are getting the best service possible.

Who Who Carpet Cleaning & Pest Management are the industry leaders for professional deep steam cleaning services and are the trusted name when it comes to servicing our clients carpet cleaning needs. We use only Biodegradable cleaning products and we always provide a Premium ‘root to tip’ steam clean, known as Hot Water Extraction.

Regular Hot Water Extraction Carpet cleaning is crucial in extending the life and look of your carpet.

The majority of Carpet Cleaners only provide a Light Surface Clean, otherwise known as ‘Dry Cleaning’. Over time, dust, dirt and grime settles in the roots of your carpet and conventional Dry Cleaning methods are unable to penetrate deeply enough to remove it all.

The Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning method ensures we remove even the deepest rooted dust and grime from your carpet. In addition, our method of carpet cleaning provides health benefits to you and your family by minimising dust mites which feed on dead skin scales.

Dust mites and their waste can cause allergic reactions, sinusitis and other respiratory issues, especially in people who suffer from Asthma.

By now, you can understand why many carpet manufacturers recommend periodic Hot Water Extraction as part of their clients required regime in caring for their carpet.

Always ask for Hot Water Extraction for your carpet!

Deep Steam Cleaning on beige carpets