Carpet Dyeing and Rug Restoration Melbourne

Carpet Dyeing, Rug Dyeing , Carpet and Rug Coloring & Restoration is a creative and an economical way to breathe new life into your carpets or rugs, eliminating stains, bleaching spots or just sprucing it up.

Carpets have the lifetime of 10 – 15 years, with regular professional cleaning and maintenance, their durability increases.

Carpets are rarely replaced because they are worn out.

More often than not, Your carpets are not worn out, they need a bit of restoring, revitalizing and TLC to look brand new and sparkling in no time. Dyeing and Restoration are a skillful alternative to premature rug and carpet replacement.


Many of our customers are baffled with the question “Should they dye or Should they buy?”

Approximately 65% – 70% of the times, carpets and rugs are replaced because of appearance issues such as fading, discoloration and stains

The only times your rugs and carpets cannot be restored is when they are burnt, functionally not intact or when they have come in contact with sewage, it is recommended to bin them for hygienic purposes.

When can your carpets be restored? Any fading, discoloration, bleach spots, major stains and spills, regular wear and tear or even complete color change.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship and exceptional service delivery.  All dyes used are toxic free, permanent and colorfast for the life of your carpets and rugs.

Our Superior Carpet Dyeing and Rug Restoration Services:

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Complete Color Changes:

Whether your carpet or rug color seems outdated or it does not suit your home decor anymore. You can save thousands of dollars by completely dyeing it to your desired custom shade. Instantly, uplifting the whole area.

Bleach spots on dark blue carpets - Who Who Carpet Dyeing and Rug Restoration Melbourne

Bleach Spots:

Some of the products that lead to bleached spots are cleaning agents, peroxide, oxi-cleaning products, teeth whiteners, acid, sun damage and untreated urine stains. Unsightly bleach spots are rectified by creating custom dye shade to match or compliment the rest of your carpets.

Blood stains on beige carpets - Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management

Stain Removal:

We can treat stains like red wine, ink, blood, fruit juice stains with 99% certainty. Our excellent procedures and our expertise will eliminate unsightly stains and discolorations for good.

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Urine Odour and Stain Removal:

Urine accidents must be treated and cleaned immediately by professionals for hygienic purposes and prevent damage to your carpets and rugs. Urine tends to bleach carpets due to their high PH levels, which have to be rectified using custom dyes and stain removal treatments.

Bright color rug - Who Who Rug Restoration and Rejuvenation Melbourne


It is an undeniable fact, rugs are very expensive. Rug color restoration services adds new life into your rugs by restoring their original colors or boost them up to match the new decor or color scheme. Rug restoration is an economical alternative to purchasing new rugs.

Why Carpet Dyeing and Rug Restoration is the best?

  • 60 to 75% cheaper than buying new carpets or rugs.
  • Remove bleached and faded spots.
  • Remove spills and stains without the fear of discoloration.
  • Maintain exquisite, priceless rug to preserve them and pass them on for generations.
  • Add years onto the life of your carpets and rugs.

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Looking for licensed Carpet Dyeing Professionals in Melbourne or Rug Restoration Specialists who deliver long lasting and high quality results. Who Who  is the company for you! Call us on 1300 399 667 for more information or a free, no obligatory quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How long will the color last?  Who Who’s Carpet and Rug dyes are permanent and remain colorfast for the life of the carpets.


  • Are the serviced carried out on site?  Yes, Carpet Dyeing services are provided on site. Intricate rug restoration services are carried out in our warehouse.


  • Can I walk on my carpets immediately? Yes, you can. They are touch dry. However, they are completely dry in a couple of hours.


  • Are the dyes toxic?  No, our dyes and solutions are not toxic and are odour free. They are both child safe and pet safe.


  • Do I need to remove all my furniture? Let us do the heavy lifting, furniture up to 25 kilos will be removed and replaced by us.


  • Which one is better? New Carpets or Carpet Dyeing? According to us, carpet dyeing is definitely the economical alternative with the same feeling of new carpets.

Yellow owl with red vest who who carpet cleaning logoWe are experts in carpet dyeing, full carpet dyeing, spot dyeing, bleach stain treatments, sun faded carpets, rug restoration, rug coloring, urine stain treatment and removal. Call us on 1300 399 667 or contact us online to receive a free, no obligatory quote.