Three invaluable carpet cleaning hacks (DIY)

Three invaluable carpet cleaning hacks (DIY)

Listed below are our top three non-toxic carpet cleaning DIY hacks to treat the stains, indentations and odours until you are ready to get your carpets deep steam cleaned!

Carpets and rugs are an integral part of our home decor. Most homeowners have pushed their professional carpet cleaning until spring. Indicating that your carpets and rugs have taken quite a beating.


Carpet Cleaning DIY Hack 1: Remove carpet stains ASAP:

black background with spray mist- who who carpet cleaning brisbaneAccidents happen all the time. Carpet cleaners cannot be called in for every stain and spot. As soon as there is spillage or a leaking accident. Blot the excess away, again BLOT, do not rub the excess until; the cloth picks up no more colour or liquid.As Better Homes and Gardens also mentioned rubbing the stains or spillage damages the carpet fibres forever.

We at Who Who Carpet cleaning suggest that you mix white vinegar with plain water (1:3 ratio) if white vinegar isn’t available. Simple household dish soap with plain water (1:3 ratio) can be used.

Spray the liquid mix liberally on the problem area, let it sit for 5-7 minutes and blot it away ensuring most of the water is extracted.Wet carpets are the breeding ground for bacteria and other allergens.

If that does not work, schedule your carpet cleaning appointment ASAP to prevent further permanent damage.


Carpet Cleaning DIY Hack 2: Get rid of the foul odour:

Herbs and essential oil with wooden brick and mortarWho does not love walking into a room smelling of lavender or daisies? Realistically, it can’t always be that way. Carpets and rugs tend to trap the highest amount of dust and bacteria and if they’ve retained moisture, they can develop a foul odour. 

We at Who Who carpet cleaning recommend making your own deodoriser that you can use between professional carpet cleaning visits.

Take 500 grams of baking soda and add 20-25 drops of your favourite essential oil such as lavender or lemongrass (we personally prefer Patchouli) and sprinkle it over your carpet. Let it rest for about ten minutes and vacuum it away.

Them Vacuums and ABC warn that using DIY deodoriser with baking soda  could affect the functioning of HEPA filter in your vacuum. Thus, it is recommended to get your carpets steam cleaned by professionals and use this only as a temporary fix.


Carpet Cleaning DIY Hack 3: Carpet Fluffing tip:

Person holding ice cubesFluffing tip 1: Use a mixture of vinegar and water (1:1 ratio). Spray the solutions over the indentations and use a spoon to push the fibres up, the solution will help clean the fibres and in turn fluffs them up.

Fluffing tip 2: The infamous “ Ice cube Technique”, place a handful of ice cubes on the indentations and allow them to melt, and blot the excess water away.



Hope these carpet hacks help you keep your carpets stain free. However, all these hacks come with “at your own risk” warnings. It is recommended to get your carpets professionally deep cleaned every 6-12 months to prolong their durability, improve indoor air quality and even maintain carpet warranty.

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