Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can make a whole world of difference to your home or office. The right carpet will not only be useful in high traffic areas, reduce noise but also elevate the interiors and decor of the room.


Maintaining your carpets and regular professional carpet cleaning is as important as choosing the right carpet and quality according to the room type and preferences. They are the second largest investment in most homes.

Regular maintenance helps prolong their life and ensures their warranty.

In today’s day and age, many new homeowners are torn between choosing hardwood floors vs carpet. Carpets have an essence of their own, while hardwood floors are comparatively easier to maintain, the right carpet can take any room from drab to fab!

Carpets tend to accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, grime, dust mites, bacteria and allergens in their fibers over time. It not affects the appearance of your home and the carpet itself, but it is very unhygienic.

Many prominent researchers and numerous studies have indicated that homes and offices with carpets have higher levels of dust and allergens especially homes with pets such as cats and dogs in comparison to homes and offices with tiled or hardwood floors.


Here are the top 4 reasons why you should get your carpets regularly cleaned:

1. Increase durability:

Beige Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane by Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management

It is an undeniable fact that carpets are expensive, their range varies from $900 to thousands of dollars depending on their type, size and quality. If carpets are maintained properly and professionally cleaned regularly, they can last for over a decade, sometimes more.

Most carpet manufacturers issue warranties for three to ten years and some a lifetime. However, the homeowner has certain responsibilities such as getting them cleaned regularly by a reputable professional carpet cleaning company.

2. Remove toxins:

Transparent professional Carpet Cleaner extracting toxins - Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management

Carpet fibres collect and trap dust, allergens, dirt and other toxins. The debris get embedded within the fibers, if not regularly cleaned, the fibres deteriorate and split, thus impacting their appearance and durability.

Regular vacuuming in combination with annual professional carpet cleaning preferably steam carpet cleaning loosens and removes all debris from the base of the carpets to the tips.

3. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Gold Coast Baby hands and feet shown crawling on a beige carpet - Who Who Carpet Cleaning & Pest Management Dirty Carpets, Stained Carpets and Upholstery negatively impact the quality of air indoors. According to Lung Org, USA, Carpets trap pathogens, allergens, particle pollutants, dust mites and mold spores. The accumulated pollutants tend to become airborne when carrying out day to day activities such as walking and vacuuming.

Routine professional carpet cleaning services help remove the pollutants and toxins. Thus, improving and maintaining indoor air quality.

4. Get rid of Carpet Beetles

Professional Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Packages Brisbane - Carpet Beetle Close Up Wool and Natural carpets and rugs are usually victims of the carpet beetles.  The damage is not limited to carpets but to your upholstery as well especially leather. If your carpets and upholstery show increasing signs of wear and tear suddenly and holes. You should be concerned.

It is recommended to call pest control professionals to treat the affected areas and get rid of them and shortly after get professional carpet cleaning services to remove any debris.


5. Other Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning:

Professional Carpet Cleaning services must be done by certified, trained and experienced professionals, as inexperienced cleaners could end up ruining your carpets for good. They may use too much water, not the right cleaning solution and leave your carpets wet.


Therefore, it is recommended to use a good quality carpet cleaner. Here are the top questions you need to ask before hiring the next carpet cleaner.


At Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management, The supreme pressure of the hot water and cleaning solution injected from the state of the art truck mounted helps loosen and remove all the pet dander, dust, dust mites, crumbs, anything and everything that is harbouring in your carpets.


The hot water extraction technology works wonders on stains as well. The pressure helps loosen and lift the stains, which are treated using hot water and custom cleaning solutions to remove them from the base.


Professional Carpet Cleaning companies have exclusive pet urine stain and odour removal treatments that target stains and odour by using special enzymatic cleaners and the hot water extraction technology.


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