How to remove pet urine from your carpets?

How to remove pet urine from your carpets?

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As pet owners, we have often wondered as to how and why our fur babies decide to have “accidents” only on the carpets! Accidents happen, there’s no need to panic. There are several methods of removing pet urine and the distinctive odor it carries from carpets without using chemicals that may be harmful to you or your pup.

Who Who Carpet Cleaning offers the best urine removal treatment in Brisbane. Be it dog urine removal, cat urine removal. We have got you covered. 

Removing the odor is extremely important to discourage your pet from choosing a regular spot to relieve him/herself in your home. Moreover, Pet urine is harmful to health

Tips to remove  pet urine stains and odour removal:

A) For fresh/new stains:

1)First things first, if the “leak” is fresh, it is recommended to blot as much as you can using a clean towel. Always blot, do not rub as rubbing will damage carpet fibers.

2) Make a cleaning solution with few drops of dishwashing detergent and water (1:2 ratio) and apply the solution on the spot. Let it sit for two minutes and remove excess solution with a clean towel.

B) For existing stains:

1) Combine two tablespoons of baking soda with a small cup of vinegar in a spray bottle. Apply the solution to the stained spot on your carpet and let it sit for five to ten minutes, experts recommend longer times depending on the severity and age of the urine stain.

Remove excess by blotting with a clean towel.

Immerse a clean towel in fresh water and dab over the surface.

2) Alternatively, baking soda can be sprinkled liberally on the soiled spot, and left overnight.

After the patch dries overnight, spray distilled white vinegar and dab gently to remove the stain.

Note: It is recommended to conduct a spot test before applying the baking soda and vinegar solution as they are both bleaching agents.

C) Store Bought Pet Urine Cleaners:

Several products are available in the market to remove the stain and smell of pet urine from carpets. They are loaded with enzymes that do the work and are non-toxic for your pets. “Enzymes are proteins that help kick off natural chemical reactions at the molecular level, and the enzymes in pet carpet care products attach themselves to the molecules that make up the urine and bacteria that feed on it (producing the foul odors) and catalyze their breakdown.”
Duration varies from brand to brand; some require 24 hours, while serious stains may take up to two weeks to completely dissolve the smell and stain.

D) Professional Carpet Cleaners:

If all else fails, Contact a professional carpet cleaning company to remove the urine stain and urine odor. Carpet cleaning professionals such as Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management use the latest technology and state of the art equipment to deep clean your carpets, removing the stain as well as the odor. All cleaning materials utilized by Who Who are petsafe and child safe.

Professional Urine Treatments and Cleaning Professionals adopt the best techniques and methods to remove pet urine from your carpets and upholstery. You can read more about our specialised professional urine removal process here

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