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Five Steps to  Remove Coffee Stains from Carpets

Coffee stains are one of the hardest stains to remove, whether it is on your cream carpet, white upholstery or even your favourite shirt.

Most of us have experienced this moment at least once in our life. Waking up right , ready to start the day, shower and excited to pour yourself a hot mug of liquid energy – Coffee!

As you’re running out the door or in haste, you spill some on your new cream or white carpets.

As soon as the spill has occurred, act fast. The worst thing you can do for your carpets, is to let the coffee stains sit. The longer a stain sits, the harder it is to remove.


Follow these five steps to remove coffee stains from your carpets:

  • Remove the excess using a paper towel or cloth. Gently blot, do not rub, as rubbing the stain will not only push it in deeper but damage the fibers. Do this until the paper towel or cloth is not picking any residue up.
  • Mix equal ratios (1:1:1) of luke warm water, dish soap and white vinegar to make your solution. Note: If your carpet is dark colored, it is recommended to conduct a spot test as white vinegar is a bleaching agent.
  • Apply the custom solution to clean sponge. Using circular motions, gently begin at the outside of the coffee stain, working your way to the centre of the stain.
  • Soak a micro-fibre cloth in cold water and gently clean the area, removing any residue of the cleaning solution.
  • Lastly, Use a clean, dry towel and firmly apply pressure to remove any excess moisture.


If you cannot remove the stain completely, do not fret about it. Call professional carpet cleaning experts who have an arsenal of stain removing techniques and treatments.

In cases of old coffee stains, which are harder to remove. Professional carpet cleaning companies offer excellent remedies such carpet dyeing and spot dyeing to restore your beloved carpets back to their original state.

If your best efforts did not work in your favor. Contact Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management, we offer exceptional stain removal assistance.

Our experienced carpet cleaning technicians have the skill, knowledge, state of the art equipment, highly advanced hot water extraction technology in combination with our custom potent solutions to deliver the best results possible.


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