Cockroaches: How to get rid of them?

Two cockroaches lying dead , cockroach infestation Have you ever flicked on your kitchen or bathroom lights and see your unwelcome guests scuttling away? We can relate to that moment of horror, fear, and rage while you grab the nearest object to swat them!

Apart from just making us feel icky, compromising the integrity of our home, roaches cause various health issues such as salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus.

Experts predicted the pest invasion, Queenslanders have more to worry about, apart from snakes and spiders, the warm, humid and muggy weather is leading to undetected cockroach infestations! Huffington Post called NSW the home of the dirty cockroach, however experts believe it is likely Queensland will be next.

Types of cockroaches in Australia:

There are many different types of cockroaches in the world, they vary based on the region they dwell in. They can live outside, inside or both, they can go without food for long periods at a time, they feed on their own feces and vomit! and they love tight spaces, which means they can multiply quickly if no action is taken.

The three most common cockroaches in Australia are:

German cockroach image. Pest Control brisbane1) German Cockroach:

Adult German Cockroaches are usually light brown or tan in color and they have wings, whereas the young cockroaches or nymphs as they are called are darker, almost black in color.

German Cockroaches live indoors, near food and water sources i.e. kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms. They live in tight, dark places such as crevices, door hinges, furniture, cabinets, under sinks and garbage containers.

As mentioned earlier, cockroaches carry diseases and some of them are even fatal. German cockroaches are one such that contaminate the food and utensils eventually causing food poisoning and dysentery.

2) American Cockroach:

Top view a dead cockroach on white background- pest control

American Cockroaches are the largest species of common cockroaches and also have the longest lifespan of 700 days. They are reddish brown or mahogany color.

American Cockroaches are generally found outdoors near garbage bins, sewers and damp areas like flower beds. They usually come indoors to find food and water from under the door, garage doors and windows. They are carriers of bacteria and diseases cause they crawl through decaying matter in sewers and transfer it onto to our food.

3) Australian Cockroach:

Australian Cockroaches are very similar to American cockroaches, in and even appearance.

They can be distinguished by the presence of light yellow bands on upper margins of the forewings.

4) Oriental Cockroach:

Black oriental cockroach- Pest control brisbane Oriental Cockroaches are also called as water bug or black beetle. They are dark reddish-brown or black in color and have a very glossy body.

Oriental Cockroaches generally reside in homes with plenty of damp and sheltered places to breed and develop. They eat pretty much anything and everything from decaying matters to feces. They travel through sewers and drains. Areas under the sink and pipelines can be considered their favorites.

Cockroach Infestation Signs

Not only is it scary and disgusting, it gets even worse when they can FLY!! Meme saying everybody gangsta until the cockroaches start flying

Many of you may be wondering, How many cockroaches are considered an infestation?

You are in trouble if you spot a cockroach during the day as they are nocturnal insects. They prefer to live, feed and breed in the dark. These places can be in drainage pipes, crevices, behind the refrigerators, cabinets and moist place such as laundry rooms and bathrooms.

Some other roach infestation signs include:

1) Cockroach droppings:

Like any other pest, cockroaches do defecate, a trail of black droppings. Roaches are attracted to dark and tight spaces, venturing out during the day indicates overcrowding. Immediate action must be taken.

2) Unpleasant or Unusual Odour:

People with a sensitive sense of smell, usually classify it as a musty smell. Cockroaches produce a pheromone that attracts other cockroaches. They usually leave a trail of it, when they come in contact with the surface or object.

3) Shed Skin

Cockroaches shed their skin at least 6 six while they are transforming from a nymph to an adult. The shed skin is a sign of infestation. Additionally, cockroaches produce harden egg cases that contain numerous eggs and are found in dark and isolated areas of your home, where DIY treatments will not reach according to Huffington Post.

C) Cockroach Control Options:

1) Cockroach baits:

Cockroach bait is one of the most common and known methods of cockroach control that pest control professionals in Brisbane use. They are extremely effective indoors i.e. for German and brown-banded cockroaches. It comes in three forms, liquid, gel and solid and is recommended to be used in kitchens, food handling areas, bedrooms, and living rooms.

2) Non Repellent Sprays:

Non Repellent Sprays can be used by themselves or in combination with cockroach baits. Experts recommend using non-repellent sprays away from areas that have baits as well to interrupt foraging and deal with nymphs while they are still in their harborages.

3) Powders and Dust:

Pest Control Companies in Brisbane, use industrial powders and dust to tackle cockroaches. Dust is an effective method to treat roaches infesting in electrical areas as well.

D) How to prevent cockroaches?

Stop sign fgon cockroach illustration- Pest control in brisbane 18 tips to get rid of cockroaches

1) Clear away food supply, be it spills or open food containers.

2) Eliminate all sources of water (drips and leaks). Cockroaches need water on a daily basis to survive.

3) Keep vegetation, grass/mulches away from the building perimeter.

4) Do not leave dirty dishes out overnight.

5) Minimize clutter as they thrive in it.

6 )Thoroughly clean the garbage area removing all organic matter.

7) Seal all potential entryways, because roaches love to explore.

8) Clean regularly underneath the fridge, stove, toaster and other movable appliances.

9) Empty the kitchen’s rubbish bin regularly.

10) Do not leave out pet food or food scraps in pet bowls.

11) Ensure that you repair any holes, cracks or gaps in the walls, skirting boards and inside cupboards.

12) Don’t stack newspapers, magazines or cardboard boxes anywhere in the house.

13) Keep compost bins screened and away from the house.

14) Remove old stacks of newspapers and magazines and unused cardboard boxes.

15) Make a DIY spray using peppermint and clove oil mixed with water and spray in suspected areas.

16) Use cockroach poison, available in the supermarket to treat areas where they are spotted.

17) Mix boric acid and water to form a paste which acts as a poison for cockroaches.

18) If DIY or store bought remedies are not working in your favor, It is recommended to call pest control professionals in.

You can read more tips and hacks here.

Who Who Brand Logo Yellow Owl with Red VestAct fast, when you suspect a roach infestation as they are a carrier of many bacteria and germs and causing salmonella, typhoid, diarrhea and agitating asthma conditions to name a few. Pest Control Professionals use tried and tested methods and know which method would be most effective.

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