How to clean your mattress in 5 simple steps?

Did you know an average person spends 1/3rd of their life sleeping, i.e. if they are 60 years old they have spent 20 years of their life sleeping! That’s a lot of time spent in bed! We have all heard the importance of changing sheets regularly, but we don’t hear the crucial importance of cleaning your mattress every now and then. How often do you change your sheets? Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly? Experts suggest changing your sheets every fifteen days and cleaning your mattresses every quarter at home and get professional mattress cleaners to clean it once a year.

Most of the mattresses are home to 1-2 million dust mites. No, we are not exaggerating! Mattresses are warm, cozy and moist making it the perfect home and breeding ground for mites and bugs. Unhygienic and dirty mattresses cause several skin issues such as breakouts, allergies, bacterial infections. The five steps are as follows:

1) Wash your bedsheets:

If you are already doing this step, Good on you! If you do not remember the last time you changed your sheets, you need to do it NOW. Clean bedsheets are a must, wash your bed sheets, duvet, and blankets with antibacterial laundry detergent.
Wash them with the highest possible heat setting to remove all germs and allergens.

2) Vacuum Thoroughly:

Vacuum thoroughly using the strongest vacuum cleaner you own, it is recommended to attach the upholstery cleaning head to the vacuum while you are at it to remove loose dust and debris from the surface of the mattress.

3) Spot Treatment:

Spot treat any existing stains or marks. A mild detergent mixed with warm water solution should work well, dab the stain and let it dry. for more intensive stains, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide can be used. It is recommended to check the manufacturer’s instructions and conduct a spot treatment before using anything other than soapy water.

4) Baking Soda is your friend:

Baking Soda is used on carpets, it is a popular ingredient in many household DIYs because of its cleaning and deodorizing properties. Sprinkle baking soda generously on your the entire surface of the mattress and if you can position the mattress towards the sunlight, it is recommended you do so. Let the baking soda sit for a couple of hours or some even say overnight, depending on how dirty and often you clean your mattress. 

5) Vacuum Again

Once the baking soda has done its work. Vacuum the mattress thoroughly ensuring that there is no residue left behind. Place mattress protector and make your bed your usual way. Sleep tight knowing that there are no bed bugs, dust mites or allergens.

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