Brace Yourselves for the upcoming Pest Plague!

Daily Mail Australia recently published an article warning residents of Australia, the wretchedness of the summer. No, we are not talking about the scorching heat. We are talking about pests such as monster cockroaches, huntsman spiders and redback spiders to name a few.
Australia is bracing for a scorching hot summer but it will not be just the warm weather residents will have to contend with.

Pest Management Companies have noticed a higher increase of bugs and insects in comparison to last year and it can be blamed on the dry heat faced this year.

Bryce Peters, an expert on urban entomology and pest control from the University of Sydney said that warmer temperatures meant more insects. Pests, Bugs and Spiders will increase in numbers massively as they take advantage of the humid climate.

Mr Peters said that the reason the numbers increase drastically are, ‘Insects don’t control their own body temperature, that’s done by the ambient temperatures. The warmer it is, the more active insects are and the faster they breed. If we have a hot, humid summer we will get very, very high populations.’

The two main pests to worry about are Cockroaches as they encroach your home and spiders, as increasing number of spiders indicates increase in other bugs and insects in and around your home. 


Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management

Bryce Peters also mentioned to Daily Mail that the more insects will also mean more spiders as ‘Spiders are relying on the insect population to get their food. The insects then will support the spider population. The two go hand-in-glove,’ he said. ‘The warmer it is, the better the insects will do. The better they do, the more spiders do.’


Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management It is a known fact by now that cockroaches love the warm sweltering summers, we see them creeping and crawling in every nook and corner. Bryce Peters said that cockroaches “They will seek out micro-climates, so they’re inside our homes. The heat definitely gets them going’

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