How to choose the right carpet cleaning company?


How to choose the right carpet cleaning company?

Did you know that carpets are the second largest investment in most homes? Carpeting your home is no small investment with average price starting from $3000. According to the Australian standard for carpet cleaning, it’s recommended that you get your carpets cleaned once a year.

There is no single criteria for selecting a carpet cleaning company. Here are the six questions you should ask and review before selecting a company for your carpet cleaning needs:

1) Are the technicians certified?

Reputable Carpet Cleaning Companies employ only certified technicians. They are trained in:

-work health and safety, including appropriate chemical handling
-identifying the appropriate chemical for both the type of carpet and the stain.
-how to use their equipment effectively to avoid mishaps like over-wetting the carpet.

2) Are they established and reputable?

With every other person owning/hiring a portable machine and calling themselves a carpet cleaner. You must do your due diligence and research the company thoroughly before letting the carpet cleaners into your home.

Companies with good standing have a good website, Facebook page, and positive reviews.

3) What equipment do they use?

Equipment and Technology utilised by carpet cleaners make a world of a difference. A professional carpet cleaner will remove dirt, dust, dust mites and stains while protecting your carpet warranty. There are two types of carpet cleaning available:

a) Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning:

Some companies may use a truck-mounted water extraction system or one that is portable and more suitable for smaller jobs. In the words of Trusted Cleaner Association, “These systems are a large step up from a general steam clean or vacuum but also come at a price. If you want a deep clean that removes most if not all contaminants from your carpet, then you want to choose a company that uses the highest grade equipment.”

b) Dry Cleaning:

According to Choice Australia “Dry cleaning (some water is used though less than in steam cleaning), is what the standard refers to as a “surface cleaning”. Dry cleaning can be used as a maintenance clean, but steam cleaning is best as your full clean.”

4) Do they provide a free quote?

Ask your chosen carpet cleaning company for a quote as reputable and trustworthy carpet cleaning companies should provide a free, no obligation estimate on a job. Don’t hire any company that does not offer this service. You want to know exactly how much you will be spending before a company starts work.

However, companies may charge extra after inspecting the carpets. Therefore be as accurate and honest as possible.

5) Do they guarantee their work?

Guarantees should be given, so if you aren’t satisfied with the work of the carpet cleaning company or if they cause any damage, they’ll be more likely to correct their mistakes.

Guarantees are common in the carpet cleaning business but can come in a number of different combinations and with different conditions. Be sure to ask up front so that you are not left having to pay extra for a job poorly done.

6) Should price be a deciding factor?

According to Choice Australia experts “Price should never be the deciding factor in choosing a carpet cleaner, be wary of very low prices. Quality service won’t be cheap.

You’ll almost certainly come across the old “bait and switch” technique in the carpet cleaning industry. It happens when a company will charge a low price – sometimes as low as $ 5 a room! – just to get their foot in the door.”

Reputed carpet cleaning companies should give you an estimate over the phone, but may need to inspect your carpet first. Make sure that you give a good description of your entire home, including whether you have pets and if your carpets are stained.

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