9 Hacks to Keep your Car Clean and Organised

Car Cleaning can be a tedious task and a clean car can get messy and unorganised in no time. Here are our top 19 hacks to keep your car clean and organised at all times!

Floral Cupcake Silicone moulds used in car cup holder 1) Silicone Cupcake Moulds

Line your car’s cup holders with silicone cupcake mould to collect odd change or crumbs. You can easily remove them regularly, give it a rinse and place it back. They are not very expensive and put them in every cup holder in the car. 

2) DIY Garbage Bag Holder

Old Tissue Box filled with Plastic Bags

It almost comes unsaid, but most of guilty are putting the trash in the side compartment of the door. Use an empty tissue to boxes to hold garbage bags. Once the bag is full, you can replace it.



Pampers green box baby wipes 3) Baby Wipes are your friend

Like Garbage bags, baby wipes are an essential item to keep in your dash at all times. Use wipes to clean spills and stains as they occur to minimise stains on your car seats.

4) Use Organisers

Black shoe organiser hung in car seat

This hack is especially useful if you have kids or you tend to be on the road often. Use a shoe organizer or a hanging organiser to keep your car organized, obviously! You can use it to stack your kid’s toys, wet wipes, water bottles, your makeup kit and what not! Here is a list of custom car organisers. 



Mini Bella Olive oil bottle in one hand and tissue in other hand5) Use Olive Oil for your dashboard

Keep your dashboard looking shiny and new with a little olive oil. Rubbing it into your dash will keep it looking nice and it will help keep some moisture in the material. An additional bonus, it will prevent cracks over time.

6) Laundry Spray and Fabric Softener

Before and After Car Foot Mats

Your mats accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. Over time, it almost looks unrecognisable. Make a solution of your favourite laundry detergent with water, spray it on the mats and throw them in the washer along with your fabric softener regularly.


Car Upholstery before and after professional cleaning7) Use a professional carpet cleaner

Call a professional carpet cleaner to remove upholstery stains. Car Upholstery collects an insane amount of dirt and grime. You sit on it after heading to the gym, your kids bring in germs from the playground, your dog loves his car rides! Car upholstery cleaning professionals will remove every ounce of dust, dirt and grime using the deep steam cleaning technique.

8) DIY Air Freshener

Mason Jar and laundry deodorizing cubes

Mason Jar + Laundry Balls make the best deodorizer. Put 1/4 cup of the scent balls into a mason jar. For a lid, use something that has small holes in it. This way, the balls can’t come out of the jar, but their smell will keep your car smelling nice and fresh.


9) Remove Pet Hair

Pet fur stuck on grey car upholstery Your fur babies love car rides but are you forced to keep them home cause the cleaning process is tedious. If vacuuming does not work, you will love this, use a spray bottle to mist the seat where the pet hair is. Don’t soak the seat. A little water goes a long way. Using a squeegee, run it over the upholstery. It will pull all the pet hair with it. Or you could always buy this pet fur car seat protector.


Who Who Brand Logo Yellow Owl with Red Vest

Who Who Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management use the latest hot water extraction technique to clean your car seats and car upholstery from the inside, thus removing bacteria, dust mites, allergens and grime. Our cleaning process sanitizes and deodorizes your car seats as well.

Call us on 1300 946 946.

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