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6 Tips to Maintain Your Carpets This Festive Season

Carpets and Festive seasons are by no means a good match!

With the festive season setting in and Christmas around the corner. Family dinners, holiday gathering, and Christmas parties is going to be the recurring theme for the month.

Although, nothing beats a professional carpet clean, as they deep clean the carpets and deliver the best results. Here are 6 tips to maintain your carpets and minimise stains during this period.

1) Area Rugs:

Tracking dust from outside is inevitable. For high traffic areas and entryways, it is recommended to use area rugs and floor mats to reduce dust and dirt from entering your home. It will reduce the amount of dust and dirt carried onto to your carpets if placed correctly.

2) “No shoes inside” policy:

Initiate a “No shoes inside” policy by placing a shoe rack outside the door or at the entrance to prompt family and guests to remove their footwear. This initiation will reduce dirt and dust carried onto the carpets via shoes.

3) Place mats around your Christmas tree:

This tip is particularly useful for those who have real Christmas trees. Tree sap and needles cause major wear and tear to the carpets as they are hard to remove. Ensuring correct placement of mats will help collect them as well as protect your carpets.

4) Carpet Protection

When your carpet cleaning professional comes for an annual clean. Inform them for carpet protection as well. Using protection on carpets increases the durability of the carpets and prevents dust, mites and mold growth. It is comparatively easier to remove stains from a protected carpet.

5) Vacuum Regularly:

This comes unsaid, Vacuum more often than usual during the festive season. It is important to not let the dirt and dust settle into the carpets. Vacuuming often helps keep your carpets clean as well as look clean for your guests.

6) Stain Removal ASAP:

Accidents and mishaps are bound to happen during the festive season due to the high amount of food and wine going around. If there is a spill or fall, it is recommended to attend to the stain immediately. If it is not possible, to carry out the entire stain removal process. Blot (Do not rub) the excess off and dab the area with plain water.

Last but not least, Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

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