5 Steps to follow after a Flooding or Water Damage

An occurrence of floods is usually unexpected, leaving most home and office owners disturbed and worried.

Floods can cause serious damage to good within the home and office as well as damage to carpets, upholstery wooden floors, tiles and expensive electronic goods.

It is crucial that you prioritise your safety first and then attend to your home and commercial property as quickly as you can to prevent further damage in terms of possessions and health.

Water damage is not always caused due to natural causes, it can be caused by burst water pipes, overflowing bath and unexpected water leakages.

It is recommended to call water extraction professionals in ASAP to tend to your carpets, rugs and upholstery to prevent further damage, if it is too late it may be impossible to salvage.

A moist environment is the breeding ground for various bacteria, allergens and can even lead to mould.

1) Take Pictures:

The first and possibly most important step is to document the extent of flood damage before you extract any water or repair anything. It is best to take digital photos and videos, that can later act as proof to present to your insurance company.

2) Call your insurance company:

It is always recommended to get an insurance cover your home and commercial property for flood damage. File a claim with your insurance company and they will send out an assessor to assess the extent of the damage. The photos taken play a crucial role at this stage.

3) Protect your health:

Even if the flood water has been extracted out, it is best and recommended to boil water before consumption until authorities confirm that it safe to drink. As it may be contaminated with cleaning solutions and excess sewage water.

4) Check for mould:

 Mould growth occurs anywhere between 24-48 hours after flood damage. Once mould formation starts it is difficult to control it without professional help. It is recommended to take out any wet household items such as carpets, rugs, mattresses. Water Damage Restoration professionals can assist in restoring your home and office carpets and rugs.

5) Restore:

Flood water would have taken a toll on your home. Unfortunately, at times your home becomes uninhabitable for a couple of days. In such extreme cases, insurance companies may be able to assist with alternate options.


Who Who Brand Logo Yellow Owl with Red VestIn case of an unfortunate flood or water damage. Our certified technicians will provide a detailed evaluation report and we can also work with your insurance company. Call us on 1300 946 946 or click here to request a callback or online free quote.


We are certified by Interactive Training International in “Complete Certification for water damage restoration ITI and RSA- Who Who Carpet CleaningWater Damage and Intro Applied Structural Drying” making us eligible to work with your insurance company while delivering our services with high skill and integrity.

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