5 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier!

Blue Carpets with white design, Vaccum Cleaner head and Two white shoes placed sideways on the carpet Carpets give a home a nice, cosy feeling but most of us have a love/hate relationship with our carpets.

Firstly, because they are so expensive and Secondly cause dirty carpets influence the vibe of the entire room.

After your semi-annual/annual professional carpet clean, your carpets look wonderful and as good as new. However, it doesn’t seem to stay that way very long. Children, pets, and even just foot traffic can leave your carpet a little worn.

The following 6 DIY hacks help solve your carpet woes inexpensively and efficiently. If all else fails, professional carpet cleaners are just a call away!

1) DIY Carpet Cleaning Solution:

Mix baking soda and vinegar (1: 2 ratio) and one tablespoon of fragrant laundry detergent, to mask the smell of vinegar, fill the rest of the container with hot water.

Your DIY carpet cleaning solution is ready to use. It is recommended to conduct a spot test and check the manufacturer’s instructions for your carpet before using the solution for carpet stain removal.

2) DIY Carpet Deodoriser:

Create your own children-safe and pet-safe carpet deodoriser using 2 Tbsp of Borax or baking soda  and your Favorited essential oil. We recommend using citrus oils or lavender oil with a couple of drops of tea tree oil for its antibacterial properties.

Mix the following using a shaker bottler, sprinkle, and vacuum. Bye Bye foul odour.

3) Remove Carpet Dents:

Dents form on your carpet due to heavy furniture or other items that compress the carpet fibers.

Fluffing up carpets is an extremely easy process, place a couple of ice cubes on the dented areas and as the ice cubes start to melt, use a steel spoon to push the carpet fibers upwards and Voila!

4) Shaving Cream

A quick efficient way to lighten and remove a stain or spill from your carpet is using Shaving Cream.

Shaving Cream is essentially soap and can be used to lift the stain. Apply a small amount of shaving cream and work it into the residue without rubbing it further into the carpet. After a few minutes, simple dab away the stain.

5) Regular Vacuuming:

High traffic areas around your front door, down hallways, and on stairs show wear and tear much faster than the rest of your carpeting. There are many ways to help prevent the carpet from becoming dingy and worn in these places.

While most carpet needs cleaning only once a year, high traffic areas can benefit from being cleaned every six months. Vacuuming regularly and in different directions can help keep the area from becoming matted. Throw rugs can also protect high traffic areas.

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