Rug Designs That Will Never Go Out Of Style!

5 Timeless Rug Patterns & Designs


Rugs and Carpets are a big investment and every second rug is more beautiful than the one before.

After going through what feels like a million rugs, we find something that you absolutely love, but then the next question arises, Where does it go? The bedroom or the living room-will it fit in with the rest of the decor?


Here are some of the most favored rug shapes and styles, with helpful tips to incorporate them seamlessly and stylishly into your desired space!

1) Jute Rugs



This just may be the quintessential material for a summery/tropical vibe. It is loved it for its versatility and subtle textural qualities that make up for its lack of color – one which often allows it to work easily within a variety of decorative styles. 

Jute rugs being understated provide opportunities for more vibrant furnishings and accent pieces. You can also layer the look with pieces that come with a stark contrast or bold detail.








Potted greenery aside, bringing the outdoors in hardly gets any easier than with a botanically-inspired floor piece. Whether you are going for the abundantly decked variety or something on the more subtle side, these colorful pieces will bring a lighthearted touch to just about any space.

A proper first impression (for the home) starts with a statement entry outfitted with an element as eye-catching as this botanical rug. Pair the look with furnishings of warm wooden details and woven textures to accentuate the bold tones of the piece.




Stripes are known for their ability to visually expand the look of a space. Throw down a vertically-striped runner in a tiny kitchen, and space is instantly elongated! Regardless of size, shape, or form, a striped rug is a classically timeless element that is functional as well.

The key to successfully incorporating an eclectically patterned rug into your space would be to pair it with decorative accents the come in similar tones. Here, a white sofa establishes a subtle backdrop for the colorful accents that will come to surround it. Throw pillows and a coffee table book borrow hues from the rug, helping establish a more cohesive element to the overall look.




4)Solid Colours


Solid-colored rugs may sound boring and plain but don’t underestimate the effect one can have on a space. When chosen carefully, a solid rug can unite a decor scheme, or provide a colorful moment in a monochromatic space. For instance, rose gold is the color of the year. Pink and Brass make a flawless pair. Solid pink textured rugs are versatile enough to fit within a variety of design schemes. Adding a set of dual-toned pieces of a mid-century modern make will complete the look says Domino




5) Geometric


Modern, clean, and often decked with a complementary slew of colors. When it comes to rugs, the geometrically-patterned variety is hard to beat. These show-stopping pieces are best when paired with a more understated aesthetic or design scheme. Plus, they make for seriously chic wall-hangings as well!

Complement the design of a geometric rug by surrounding it with decorative accents that come in a similar style or make. Create a statement nook in the living room by outfitting a whitewashed side table with geometrically-focused pieces. Set a streamlined sconce above the side table and lay out a vibrantly patterned rug beneath it.



Credits: Information derived from Domino Magazine, Elle Decor and Pinterest.


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Tips to keep your home pet odour free

How to remove pet odour from your Home and Carpets?


We LOVE our pets, for many of us they are as special as any family member or even more to some. They make us smile, they are loyal and their cuteness has no limits. Furthermore, they are extremely soft, fluffy and cuddly. It is an undeniable fact that they leave their distinct odour on our carpets, mattresses, upholstery and floors.


If not cleaned and maintained regularly, it can get out of hand leading to several problems such as you do not want to have guests over, clothes smell of them, not to mention the allergies and the bacterial buildup. Here are a few tips to tackle and keep pet odour under control:

1) Keep your pets and their surroundings clean:

This comes unsaid if your pets are the source of the odour. Ensure that your pets are clean and bathed regularly using a deodorizing and bacterial shampoo. Like humans, pets carry germs and illnesses, not to mention bugs and mites if they are not washed regularly. Clean your floors, tiles and grout and baseboards regularly with an anti-bacterial solution and vacuum your furniture, carpets, upholstery, leather couches and other crevices and corners regularly.


2) Carpet Cleaning:

Most pets spend a lot of their time lounging on the carpets. Carpets get dirty very quickly, depending on their material and fibres type they absorb smells and get stained pretty easily. It is recommended to vacuum your carpets weekly and remove any stains and accidents your pets have immediately or call a professional carpet cleaning service.
It is a must to get your carpets professionally cleaned every 8-12 months, more so since you have pets to remove odour, dust mites, bugs and allergens.


3) Upholstery Cleaning:

Carry out a weekly upholstery, pillows and leather vacuum clean to remove their smells and fur from any furniture. Regularly wash cases with an anti-bacterial solution. Use a mild detergent and water cleaning solution (1:1) to remove any messes immediately along with using a microfiber cloth dipped in water to wipe down your leather surface and call a professional upholstery cleaning service regularly.


4) Urine Treatment:

Our fur babies are potty trained, but they are bound to have accidents now and then. Blot the excess off as soon as possible and use a mild cleaning solution to dab the urine or faecal matter. Do not rub the stain as it will ruin your carpet or rug fibres or even worse embed the stain or faecal matter deeper.
Call a professional carpet cleaner in, as most pets have the tendency to return to the same spot and urinate again as DIY or store bought fixers are merely deodorizers and not on seep in and clean thoroughly.


5) Few other things:

Keep your windows open or open them regularly.
– Use air fresheners and pet safe perfumed candles/diffusers.
– Use essential oils to freshen up your space.
– Wash your pet’s bed, toys and accessories often.

Last but not the least, call a professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning service to remove pet odours and urine treatment as they pre-treat stains, deep clean and ensure your carpets and upholstery is dry when they leave your premises.



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How to remove Red Wine Stains?

How to remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet?

Red wine stains are the hardest to remove, be it from clothes, furniture or carpets. Did your weekend dinner party get a little out hand and someone spilled red wine on your carpets?

If you thought getting red wine stains out of your favourite blouse was a task, wait until you try to remove it out of your carpets. To help you with this troublesome task, We at Who Who carpet cleaning and pest management have some Do it yourself tips:



1) Blot the stain immediately:

Time is your worst enemy when it comes to dealing with red wine stains, it is best to attend to it immediately. Use a piece of cloth or paper roll to blot away the excess immediately. Ensuring that you alternate between the cloth and use a fresh spot every time you dab.

2) Baking soda is your friend:

Once you have blotted the excess wine, make a paste with baking soda and plain water (2:1 ratio). Apply the paste generously onto the stained spot and let it sit until it dries. Once dried, you can vacuum it up. Although, do not use the baking soda method often as it has the tendency to shorten the life of your vacuum cleaner.

3) Fight fire with fire: 

Don’t set your carpet on fire just yet. Remove red wine stains with white wine. White wine enzymes neutralize the stain caused by red wine. Pour white wine over the red wine, and remove the excess using a clean damp cloth.
Use a mild detergent or shampoo to clean the stained area and let it dry.

4) Pour club soda over the stain:

Pour club soda over the stain and let it sit for 8-12 hours. The stain would have diminished significantly due to the chemical add-ons during the artificial carbonation process of club, making it work wonders on your red wine stains. Here are few more genius uses for club soda. 
If the spot is still damp, use a blow dryer to dry and fluff the carpet.

5) Get professional help:

If you are having difficulties in removing the wine stains off your carpet, it is highly recommended to contact a professional carpet cleaning service provider as soon as possible, the longer the stain sits the harder it is to remove as it would have integrated into the carpet fibres.

Carpet cleaning professionals are equipped with a wide range of tools such as the latest technology, carpet cleaning stain removers, carpet cleaning techniques that will your looking and feeling like new in no time. Read this before choosing your professional carpet cleaner


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